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A Message From Our C.E.O

The courses will provide operational information that minimizes the risk of food borne illnesses and outbreaks. No food service operator can afford the costs of food borne illnesses, hospitalization or unfortunately- even death. Food safety is our main concern, and we continue to stay current on new regulations and methods of preserving the safety of food. Having a food safety certificate in California can improve your ability to be hired by major companies, so call us to find out more.

There are many responsibilities that are required to become a food service manager, they require knowledge and training that only a few can provide. Obtaining a food manager certification with Food Safety Associates is in accordance with California standards. Food safety certifications make you qualified to handle food with the utmost safety in mind, and can aid you in running a safe food service business. Since so much depends on providing the best and safest food service, our food safety certificate is California Health Department approved.

Our detailed and knowledgeable course provides everything from high risk situation training, to defining risks, to culture specific educational requirements. We help you get the understanding and skills to operate any food associated situation where risks of harm to anyone can take place.

We provide a 24 hour informational hotline to answer questions and to direct you in what specific actions to take in order to reduce potential risks. Find out more about food safety certifications or a food manager certification with Food Safety Associates.

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Certified Professional Food Manager
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Food Safety Certifications
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Food Safety Associates is excellent in providing my employees with the skills and the knowledge to pass the Certified Food Safety Manager exam for my managers. Dr. Manos was very clear and concise with his lectures. He was quick to explain any confusing aspect of the material to his students. He always had several examples to help put the rules into perspective. I also really appreciate the availability of the classes being offered several times throughout the year. Thank you for providing this terrific service for our community. –Jo, Restaurant General Manager

Dear Bill,
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the excellence and professionalism you demonstrated during the training of my employees and myself at your certified food handlers classes. Your professional approach, knowledge, and interactive method of instruction to all students make taking the class a pleasure to attend. I also want to thank you for always getting back with me in a timely manner; it's good to know one can reach out and get knowledge in a timely manner.
Thank you!
–Jim, Owner

Hi, Thank you, for an informative and necessary class. It's a real eye-opener to people. They need to be aware of the potential hazards of contamination from foods. I learned a lot about food borne illnesses that I didn't know. The Instructor made the class interesting and fun, with examples and stories. Thank you again,

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